ShakeUp Chocolate 490g


Just One Super Shake
  • will control your carbohydrate intake
  • will keep you satisfied
  • will keep you at your ideal weight

Just One Super Shake a day, you can manage your food intake and stay on track towards your weight loss objective. You have the flexibility to decide whether you prefer to have the shake for breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on what suits your routine. The Super Shake serves as an excellent substitute for high-carbohydrate breakfasts or unhealthy fast food lunches, and it’s perfect if you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to prepare an evening meal.

Delicious Chocolate Super Shake


  • Low Carb, filling & healthy meal alternative
  • 20g of protein and only 0.6g sugar per shake
  • 22 essential vitamins and minerals
  • 2 great flavours – Berries & Cream or Chocolate Fudge
  • Helps promote fat oxidation & mobilisation
  • Contains Oxi-fend, potent anti- oxidants from New Zealand fruit extracts

Discover the ways in which ShapeUp can help you

  • If you have completed your weight management programme and reached your ideal weight – using ShapeUp will enable you to put an end to all that yo-yo dieting.
  • If you want to get into ketosis quickly and jump start your low carbohydrate weight management programme – replace 2 meals a day with ShapeUp for 2-3 days.
  • If you find yourself starting to put on a few kilos or are becoming a little sluggish – starting a 90 day programme will get you back in shape and feeling more energised.
  • If you need a healthy alternative for an easy meal – make sure you have a couple of cans of ShapeUp available so you can quickly make up a delicious Super Shake of your choice.
Commit to a 90-day program
Just one Super Shake a day for 90 days and you’ll see and feel an amazing difference.


Will help control your food intake and will help keep you at your ideal weight. Whether you choose to have a shake for breakfast, lunch or dinner is up to you.
  • This Super Shake is a great alternative to a typical carbohydrate dense breakfast, or unhealthy fast food at lunch time, or if you are too busy to prepare an evening meal.
  • Easily adaptable -to fit in with everyone’s weight management programme
  • Use it alone or in conjunction with the Alpha Lipid™ SDII™ programme
  • Only 4g of carbohydrate per shake – easy to stay on track with your low carb/ketogenic programme.
  • ShapeUp is also a great low calorie option for those following a calorie controlled programme.
  • Can be used as a post exercise protein boost – great for recovery!


Intermittent fasting is so much easier with ShapeUp – whether you are following the 5:2 method, or any of the variations, ShapeUp can keep it simple.

If you are trying to achieve just 500 calories on the 5:2 diet, using ShapeUp for one of your meals keeps your calorie intake even lower – without you feeling hungry. See the 500 calorie meal plan below:

Breakfast 10.30am
ShapeUp with water
Lunch 2.30pm
2 cups salad greens, 1 tomato,
¼ avocado, 100g grilled chicken
Light snack 6.30pm
1 boiled egg 2 sticks of celery
2-3 ltr water 1 espresso coffee
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