Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ Colostrum 450g


The original colostrum breakfast shake
  • Support your immunity with 1,600mg of Colostrum* containing 300mg of Immunoglobulins.
  • Improve your gut health & digestive comfort with 1 billion probiotics per dose.
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals.
  • 1,000mg of calcium for healthy teeth and bones.
  • Assists the body’s natural repair process.
  • Best taken as a pre-breakfast cold drink or include it with your morning smoothie.

Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™

Three Key Benefits of Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ Colostrum.

Immunity: Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ Colostrum supports the normal balance of the Immune System.

Digestion: Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ Colostrum encourages a healthy digestive system by supporting intestinal integrity and normal gut flora.

Healing: Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ Colostrum complements the natural process of cellular repair and healing.

Every batch of New Image™ Colostrum is tested to ensure purity and Compliance with industry and food safety guidelines.

Why should we take Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ ?
  • Supports healthy aging
  • Assists immunity for everyday wellness
  • Helps mood balance
  • Helps maintain healthy teeth and bones
  • Supports healthy tissues and muscles
  • Supports your body’s healing and repair
Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ contains:
  • 1680mg colostrum providing 300mg Ig per serve
  • 1 billion CFU probiotics: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis
  • Comprehensive blend of vitamins & minerals

Take 30 minutes before eating.
1 ½ scoops (16g).
Mix with 150ml of either cold water or milk – shake well in a Turbo Shaker to combine.
This product is not recommended for use by children under the age of 5 years, except under advice from a medical practitioner.

Colostrum is a natural substance that female mammals provide for their young during the first few days after birth. It contains vital immune and growth factors, essential vitamins, and minerals that promote healthy development, especially for building a strong immune system. Bovine Colostrum, which is non-species specific, has been found to have health benefits for humans of all ages, thanks to its highly concentrated compounds, including immune components, antioxidants, and healing factors. To get the most out of Colostrum, it’s crucial to consume it in its natural bioactive form. Alpha Lipid™ extract is a coating that protects colostrum particles as they pass through the stomach, ensuring maximum absorption into the body. With numerous scientific studies supporting its health benefits, New Image™ International is the only company with a patent-protected Colostrum product.

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